Blame It On John
With my good friend Gary Ballard at the Beacon
Camp Richardson playing oldies and motown on
Lake Tahoe   Summer 2004
Carlos at home in the East Bay
Carlos in San Francisco
Contemplating both the timeless and the new
The Band of Gold
Carlos Nieto II   Robert Rathman
Susie Sheridan   Gary Ballard   Roger Collins
* photos *
Carlos Nieto II
next show:
With the Dave Matthews Blues Band
Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico  Kartrina Benefit
Tia (CA), Carlos (Mexico City), Dave (CA), Marla (CA), Christian
(Germany) and Pierre (France).  A truly international band that
grooved to the blues.
Cabo.....pretty great gig.  Thanks Dave
Blame It On John
with my buddy
Ricky Webster
playing motown and
oldies on the beach
at Lake Tahoe